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Mentone, Melbourne, Australia

From A$440,000
Size - 725-1730 sq.ft.

Actual Yield



5 Years

A perfectly poured latte? A selection of the city’s leading schools? A dip in the ocean after a long day? There are some places where ‘having it all’ isn’t just an idea, it’s a lifestyle.

A decidedly new style of seaside living.

There are plenty of communities that offer residents great schools, great cafés, easy connection to the CBD, peaceful streetscapes, serene landscapes and iconic beaches, finding all of these enviable elements wrapped up in one convenient little package that locals get to call ‘home’ however, is decidedly rare.

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Just 20kms from the CBD, Mentone is close enough to find cultural influence from the Most Liveable City in the World, but far enough away to still hold onto its village-like charm.

Designed to unite the progressive local culture with the innate sense of retreat that has long distinguished the community, this home finds harmony between design and repose to present homes for today’s enjoyment, with tomorrow’s possibilities at their heart.

The local foreshore remains a serene reminder of the inescapable natural lure the suburb’s identity has been built upon.

Simple, Seamless Delight.
Sensitive to the pleasure that can be derived from everyday rituals, this development challenges how we typically understand spaces like bathrooms and kitchens.

The thoughtful selection of materials and their placement creates a sense of seamlessness that means day-to-day rituals are undertaken with simple delight.

While fronted by sublime beach-frontage and distinguished by reposeful streetscapes, just 20kms from Melbourne’s CBD, Mentone is both visually and culturally defined by its harmonious melding of seaside reverie and progressive convenience. Balancing community amenities, serene natural wonders and modern delights, Mentone is further benefitted by unparalleled proximity to major arterials and public transport. Sitting at the heart of the community, the abode offers residents the unique opportunity to find new meaning in what’s meant by having it all.

In a community that’s continued to progress at lightning fast speeds, it seems at odds that life here is punctuated by a clear ability to slow down and enjoy life at a pace best described as: languid. A morning stroll typically looks something like: taking in the soft lull of crashing waves as you make your way to the main strip.

Weaving through wide, treelined streets – in which sit large heritage homes skirted by perfectly manicured gardens – the enclave of shops housed in the centre of town abound with cafés, restaurants and grocers united by a shared commitment to offering perfectly prepared examples of their craft along with a flawless customer experience.

With its enviable location and excellent price point with one beds at A$440,000 and two beds from A$506,000, along with the excellent offers, this really is an opportunity that would be impossible to present again.

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