Properties in Australia

Australia represents one of the most stable economies to invest in, enjoying a very successful economic period, with the property market reflecting greatly from this.

If you consider the last 30 years, property owners have enjoyed secure returns in excess of 7% per annum, with fewer years of decline than almost any other international property market.

The market is underpinned by a steady flow of migrants and stable economic base enduring a stable rental market with demand outstripping supply and vacancy rates often under 2%

The Australian tax system is also extremely friendly for Australian property investors based abroad.

It is indeed possible to invest “Tax Free” when you structure your purchase with a prudent level of borrowing, and take advantage of the significant tax incentives offered to you by the Australian Government.

For investors, this can mean a safe tax-free investment in Australia, in what is a safe, stable, attractive environment.

Please view a collection of properties we believe have excellent prospects, and do reach out if you would like to receive more details on a particular project and/or region.