Afan Valley Adventure Resort Lodges

Adventure Resort Lodges

From £82,000

Assured yield

10% for 10 Years

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property at jogo beach lombok indonesia

Lombok, Indonesia

From US$72,483 for land +
US$200k build

Estimated Yield

10% p.a.

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Estimated Growth

9% p.a.

oasis diamond

Samui, Thailand

4300sq ft to 5000sq.ft

Estimated Yield

8% net

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(at 50% occupancy)

Global Opportunities

The reasons to invest in real estate from an investment perspective are pretty transparent.

They reduce the overall risk of the portfolio by combining asset classes that respond differently to expected and unexpected events. A property portfolio can achieve absolute returns well above the risk-free rate and hedges against unexpected inflation or deflation. It can also deliver strong cash flows to the portfolio.You can also lock in gains from booming stock markets prior to the anticipated world wide slow down.

We have also picked a handful of global property opportunities that have that special something that give them outstanding potential. Please view these offerings below and reach out to receive further information on a particular property or location.