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Liverpool Student

Prices from £69,950

Actual Yield


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5 Years

CGI 02

Fabric Village, Liverpool

Prices from £98,500 to £211,000
Size - 323 sq.ft. to 861 sq.ft.

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3 Years

Commercial Opportunities

For many property investors, they are looking for alternative investments in commercial property that give higher returns that are fixed, assured with strong fundamentals that make sense.

UK property has gained a reputation as a ‘safe-haven’ investment, having delivered consistent returns for asset owners and demonstrated resilience to various challenges and economic headwinds over the years.

This is particularly true for overseas investors, who have benefited from the recent decline in the value of sterling on international currency markets.

Chris Bell, managing director for Europe at Knight Frank, said: “The emergence of the UK as the European market of choice in 2019 is interesting, suggesting many think that pricing looks attractive.”

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