First time buyers squeezed out as supply of homes plunges


Competition for property gets tougher as 11 house hunters fight over each available property.

There are now 11 house hunters fighting for every home on the market as stock available for sale has plummeted to an 11 year low, according to new figures according to Britain’s estate agents.

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You can buy two flats in Birmingham, for the price of one in London


There’s nothing quite like being at the centre of things — and you don’t get much more central than Birmingham.

And yet when people talk about this great metro-polis as being Britain’s second biggest city, there’s often a whiff of ‘second best’ that goes with it.

Which is unfair. Birmingham is not in competition with London in the same way as the capital might be with Paris, New York and Tokyo.

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Investors look north and south as Sydney property hits peaks


Investors, increasingly put off by Sydney’s sky-rocketing prices, are turning to Brisbane and Melbourne apartments to stock their portfolios.

Agents and developers operating in the northern and southern cities report booming enquiry and sales coming out of the Sydney market as prices continue to grow.

Birmingham Named Major Buy-to-Let Hotspot


Birmingham is now in second place behind London in terms of buy-to-let property investment, due to high demand for rental properties and profitable returns in the area.

Over the first six months of this year, Birmingham’s rents averaged £766. This compares favourably to other cities that represent notable buy-to-let markets such as Nottingham (£639), Manchester (£693) and Leeds (£703). It is, however, considerably lower than London’s average of £1,900 over the same period.

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Buy-to-let hotspots revealed: London top but Birmingham, Manchester and Nottingham rise


Landlords looking to invest in buy-to-let properties are still flocking to the capital, as London sits at the top of a list of UK hotspots.

It’s closely followed by Birmingham and Bristol in the top 20 areas where buy-to-let properties have been bought in the last year, according to data from Barclays Mortgages. Nottingham, Manchester and Leeds also saw a big jump in demand.

London landlords also unsurprisingly get the biggest monthly rental revenues, with an average income of £1,900 per month.

Proof that buy to let property really is the best investment

Who wouldn’t like to have a time machine and go back to 1996 to take advantage of the UK B2L opportunity? In reality, as the markets and projections suggest, all indications are, its not too late…

Buy-to-let landlords have enjoyed incredible returns of nearly 1,400 per cent since 1996, beating all other investments, a report has found.

If you invested £1,000 in a rental property at the end of John Major’s government, it would have grown to £14,897 by last year, according to the research.

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How to fund a buy-to-let empire: Buying with cash, using a mortgage or crowdfunding?


Becoming a buy-to-let landlord is by no means a cheap investment but if your portfolio is built properly you could soon be sitting on double-digit returns.

However, before you can even start snapping up properties and collecting rent you have to think about how you will fund your empire.

We weigh up the best ways to fund property investment.

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UK house prices ‘will rise 25% in next five years’


Property bodies say shortage of homes for sale combined with increase in demand will drive cost of housing to unaffordable levels

UK house prices are forecast to rise by 25% over the next five years and become “ever more unaffordable”, largely because of an acute shortage of homes for sale, a leading property body has warned.

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