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UK property prices projected to grow as much as 21.6% up to 2023

UK house prices are set to rise broadly in line with incomes over the next five years, but the traditional north-south divide will turn on its head, with the Midlands, North and Scotland expected to see the strongest increases, according to new forecasts from international real estate adviser, Savills.

Brexit will continue to impact sentiment over the short term, particularly in London and its commuter belt, but local market affordability is expected to determine the pattern of price growth over the longer term, the firm says.

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Five London boroughs where house prices have fallen the most

london homes

Two fifths of London postcodes have registered annual property price falls over the past year, with growth in the capital slowing to 1pc, down from 4.3pc in February 2017.

While regional cities such as Edinburgh and Liverpool have seen their respective property markets flourish, with growth in excess of 7pc a year, London has recorded single digit price falls, most notably in central boroughs.

The number of London postcodes registering negative house price growth (currently 42pc) is now at its highest since the financial crisis.

The figures, from the latest Hometrack house price index, reveal that 15 of 46 local authorities in London have seen house prices slip over the past year.

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Manchester & Birmingham properties predicted to increase in value 20-30% over the next 4 years

Unsurprising projections. Manchester & Birmingham properties predicted to increase in value 20-30% over the next 4 years

Where are landlords raking in the biggest profits?

Interesting stats on the best places for UK B2L Yields

House prices MAPPED: Property hotspots offering best buy-to-let returns to invest in NOW

PROPERTY is still a great investment across the UK, and landlords hoping to find the best places to purchase a buy-to-let house should consider the areas offering…

London property market ‘won’t bounce back until 2021’

Even with Brexit and increased taxes, still pretty good growth regionally (excluding London), which with good yields makes for strong secure investments

Manchester soars as London records real house price falls

Interesting figures for UK regional property prices.

London house prices fall for the first time in eight years – but northern cities soar.

House price growth in Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh is soaring ahead of the biggest cities in the UK as London’s property market drags down.

While price growth in the capital has been falling for some time, these are the first of Nationwide’s figures to reveal an actual fall since the onset of the financial crisis.

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Big shortfalls in the Care Home sector – Lucrative Investment Opportunity

Care homes face ‘huge shortfall’ in available beds.

Up to 3,000 elderly people will not be able to get beds in UK care homes by the end of next year, research suggests.

Research commissioned by BBC Radio 4’s You and Yours programme reveals a huge shortfall in the number of beds available.

Increasing demand from an ageing population could see that grow to more than 70,000 beds in nine years’ time.

The Department of Health said local authorities in England had been given an extra £2bn to help fund social care.

But in the past three years one in 20 UK care home beds has closed, and research suggests not enough are being added to fill the gap.

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House prices set to increase up to 7% next year despite Brexit uncertainty and income squeeze


House price growth across the UK’s biggest cities is set to be stronger this year than previously predicted, according to an index.

Values across the 20 biggest cities are now expected by property analysts Hometrack to increase by 6 per cent to 7 per cent over the course of 2017, higher than its previous prediction of 4 per cent made in December 2016.

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Lombok going from strength to strength


Strong investor optimism underlined the recent Lombok Tourism Development Forum, fuelled by upscale resort demand outstripping supply in 2016 and a 61 per cent increase in international air arrivals to 30,000 in 1Q2017, following flat arrivals growth in 2015.

Just under 100,000 international arrivals were reported by the Statistics Indonesia Bureau at Lombok International Airport in 2016, up 29 per cent, but the upscale resort segment saw 10 per cent supply growth outpaced by an 18 per cent increase in demand. The increase in upscale demand (23 per cent) continued to exceed supply growth in 1Q2017.

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