Premier Properties

Opulent Properties in UK, New Zealand

At Asset Opportunities, not only do we look at well packages ‘hands off’ investment for everyone’s budget, but we also scout through our established network for Premier Properties, that will still have the ‘hands off’ aspect if you so wished, but also residences withthat certain special something.

Yield & Growth

Property Investment Growth

We offer exceptional City apartments at institutional discounted prices, where deposits can be spread over a 24 month period. Enjoy independent FCA regulated cash positive rental guarantees initially for 5 years, allowing your asset to be paid off by others, while also enjoying the anticipated appreciation.

Student Property

Asset Opportunities, while recognizing Student lets have out performed every property Asset Class since 2011, have hand picked the best available in the UK, with excellent location, management, and guaranteed rental yields of 7%+ for 5 years.

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